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Summer Cycling Day Camp Volunteers

Neighborhood Bike Works (Philadelphia, PA, Pennsylvania)

Job description:

Neighborhood Bike Works offers a full-day Summer Cycling Day Camp to youth ages 8-14, with the mission to empower Philly's youth through cycling.

Each day's schedule is typically divided into shop time and road time. Shop time is oriented toward bike repair instruction and practice. As a volunteer, you would be working alongside the youth, helping to reinforce the lesson and keeping them engaged and excited about their projects. Road time includes group bicycle rides led by the summer camp director. During the rides, volunteers join the NBW line as chaperons, modeling safe urban riding and keeping the youth in line. Other summer camp activities include art and nutrition activities like screen printing and healthy snack lessons.

No experience is necessary- just a willingness to learn and potentially get your hands dirty!

Volunteers can sign up for shop time OR road time (or both), depending on their interests, skills, and availability.

Volunteering with summer camp has continually been an unparalleled way to explore the city and improve bike repair skills. Establishing relationships with the campers improves their experience and knowledge retention, so if you decide to volunteer, we would prefer that you keep a regular schedule.

How to apply:

Please email for more information and to apply.