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How can I suggest a better route?

There are a couple ways to improve the routing at Ride the City. You can let us know so that we can make any changes or you can do it yourself.

1) The first option is just to let us know. Once you generate a route, you can send us feedback directly by choosing the 'route options' dropdown to select the 'rate the route' link to submit your route suggestions, comments, or feedback. See the image below.

We review your comments and change the relative ratings of the streets when appropriate.

2) Another option is to go into the base data on your own and make the changes yourself. As you recall, Ride the City gets its data from Open Street Map, the wikipedia-like mapping project. You can right click anywhere on the map and Ride the City will give you the option to 'edit map in OSM'. If you select that, you'll be taken to Open Street Map's default editor, Potlatch, where you can add tags to show that a street has a bike lane or to make a bike path. Here's a video that we put together to show how Ride the City and Open Street Map work together, and how to add a tag: youtube. If you go into Open Street Map to add tags to a street, here are the main tags for bicycle facilities that we use and what they translate to in Ride the City.

Your input helps Ride the City to evolve into a better service for everyone. We appreciate your help.