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Las Bicicletas

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Today's the unveiling of Las Bicicletas, a collection of bicycle sculptures located in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The art pieces are colorful silhouettes of bicycles, created by a great Mexican painter and sculptor, Gilberto Aceves Navarro.

Ride the City - Fort Collins, CO

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As bike month rolls to a close in Fort Collins, Colorado, we're happy to launch Ride the City - FoCoCo. Fort Collins is currently one of only four cities to have received the Platinum rating as a Bicycle Friendly Community, from the League of American Bicyclists. (Here's the full list.) According to the data, the percentage of arterial streets in Fort Collins with dedicated bicycle facilities is 76-99%, and nearly 7% of commuters travel by bicycle. Nice.

Ride the City Fort Collins

The Art of Gracious Cycling

Here's a cute video for your Friday, brought to you by the City of Sydney. Of course it's probably more useful to watch early in the week.

Public Energy Art Kit (P.E.A.K.)

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We typically only write about bicycles here but today's post is a bit more general, it's about energy. Energy is the lifeblood of today's world. We use many types of energy everyday for various purposes: to heat & cool our homes, to keep our lights and gadgets running, to manufacture everything we consume, to transport our goods, and to fly us around the world, just to name a few.

The U.S. is massive consumer of energy; we gobble up about a quarter of the world's energy with less than 5% of the world populaion. Oil in particular is becoming a scarcer commodity. That's one reason the U.S. has been on a fracking binge the last handful of years, and has made tremendous gains but certainly not without a cost to water and air quality. Collectively the world burns about 1000 barrels of oil every second, so it's no wonder that companies are willing to frack anywhere they can, explore the deepest oceans and mine tar sands to get any oil that's available.

Well, there's also human energy. Bicycling is a healthy and fun way to reduce your energy consumption, and every day you ride your bicycle you are a small part of the active transportation movement.

Ride the City - Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Bike Traffic

Bicycling in the Netherlands has been popular and supported by good design for generations. It's a place that every bicyclist should visit at some point, if only to see how incredibly streets can support bicycling.

We're happy to participate in our own little way by launching Ride the City - Amsterdam.

Bike Shop, the Musical

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There's a bike musical coming to town!

Bike Shop Poster

Written by a cyclist and bike shop owner, Bike Shop is the story of a Brooklyn bicycle store and its owner, Bobby. Two years after a tragic bike accident, Bobby tries to get back on the bike to get her life in gear. The sole performer brings to life three generations of a colorful, bike-obsessed family as she builds and repairs real bicycles on stage...while backed up by the 4-piece Bicycle Band.

Crash Maps

Now that bicycling season is taking off in the northern hemisphere, it's important to remember to ride safe and know about dangerous places on the streets. Understanding where other bicyclists have been hit is a good way of knowing where to be especially cautious, as there may be some design flaws, visual obstacles, or other elements that make those places especially dangerous. If you city or town has a crash map, check it out.

The infographic below is one example, developed by a group of lawyers in Louisville, KY. If your home doesn't have a crash map, consider putting one together. The data is typically accessible from some city records, usually with the police.

9th Annual Memorial Ride & Walk

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Ghost Bike 2014

The Annual Memorial Ride and Walk (Sunday, April 6th) brings New Yorkers together to remember pedestrians and cyclists killed in our city over the past year. This will mark the ninth year that this event has occurred. Riders will visit the site of each ghost bike, a white-painted memorial for cyclists, installed since 2013. Consider showing solidarity with the family and friends of those lost by joining this important event. Bring flowers and other items to honor those lost.

The more attention we can bring to people who have been killed while riding a bicycle, the safer our roads will be for everyone.

Please look out for a full schedule and route to be posted in the next week.

Dear Motorist

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We received a note recently from a guy whose friend died last year because he was hit by a car from behind while riding his bicycle. He made a goal to raise awareness in order to decrease the number of auto-related bicycling deaths.

This was his response video to hopefully achieve that goal.

Take the pledge and spread the word:

Moving Goods by Bicycle

According to Cyclelogistics, there's an incredible potential to use bicycles instead of motorized vehicles to transport goods. Their study indicates that 51% of all motorised trips related to goods transport could realistically be done on bikes and cargo bikes. (Click the image to download the study as a PDF.)


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